Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Christmas :)

This year, I had the best Christmas ever!

Because that’s when I decided to get engaged to my long time sweetheart. Even though I knew for the last five years, that she is the “one” for me, the day when we actually decided to get married gave me thrills like never before. Before this day, getting engaged and married was no more than a formality for me (I guess that’s usual for every guy!). But today, I’ve realized its importance because I just can’t stop smiling. And she… I’ve never seen her happier before. She is super excited! All her chatter about what to wear, which colour, which place etc. seem kind of irrelevant to me, but they still give me some kind of inexplicable pleasure. I think it’s the feeling of knowing that I wanna grow old with her and hold her hand through everything.

I know life is gonna change drastically from this date onwards. But I’m ready and fully charged for it. Because I know I will always have her by my side. Looking forward to a lifetime of happiness……..

1 comment:

  1. Hey man Many congratulations to you :)
    Hope you and your fiancée have a happy life ahead.