Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A quick getaway to Kasauli

Driving is one of my deepest passions. I love spontaneous trips and exploring new locations. Here goes the travelogue of my "first" trip in my "first" car...

In the summer of 2008, I did a quick trip to Kasauli. We left at 1545 hrs on a Saturday and came back at 1100 hrs on the following Monday. Yeah... it was a very hectic one but my brand new Getz CRDi and my sweet girlfriend made it possible.

Day 1 : The plan was to leave Delhi by 1500 hrs on Saturday. Couldn't leave earlier due to some work. Finally we left Delhi at 1545 hrs from Green Park, South Delhi. Reached the turnoff to NH1 from NH1 bypass quickly by 1630 hrs. Then the nightmare began. There was a huge jam which took more than an hour to cross. After crossing, tanked up at a BP Pure for Sure outlet and finally was away at 1800 hrs. 5 minutes later, I was challaned for speeding. Registered 90kph. I saw the interceptor and reduced the speed to 90 from 120 but forgot that I was still in Delhi region and limit was 60kph. Paid 400 bucks and was off at 1810 hrs. So finally crossed Delhi already running very late.

From here, the ride was good, although there were still a few diversions here and there. Took a coffee break at Mayur Dhaba in Karnal at 1930 hrs. Thanks to the Panipat flyover, there were no further delays. Started from here at 2000 hrs. At this point, we decided to make night halt at Parwanoo and reach Kasauli next day. We anticipated reaching Parwanoo at 2300 hrs.

As the second leg started, she was quickly off for a nap. Completely dark roads, thin traffic, Getz Crdi, Philips Rally, Michelin PPs, Sleeping GF, you guessed it right, the next hour of drive was the best one. Easily cruised at 130 on Karnal Ambala stretch and when she woke up we were already nearing Derabassi.

From here on took a diversion to Ramgarh and from there joined the Kalka highway almost by passing Panchkula as well. It was 930 by th time we hit Kalka highway. Crossed Pinjore and Kalka without hassles as all the shop were already shut and reached Parwanoo at 2230 hrs. Checked in at hotel Windsmoor. It was time for "Vat 69".

Day 2 : We woke up leisurely at 1000 and left by 1100. Drive to Kasauli was a small one. Followed Shimla highway before turning off at Dharampur. Stayed at hemkunth resorts at garkhal, 3 kms short of kasauli.

After checking in and freshening up left for kasauli at 1400 hrs. We had lunch at some restaurant near the market, walked the mall and the lovers' lane and visited the church. What followed was a romantic drive ( in 2nd gear and foot off the accelerator ) around the lanes of Kasauli in heavy rain. The greenery and cleanliness of the place was awesome. The clouds and the rains made it really mesmerizing. By the time rain stopped it was 1630 and the entry to Monkey point was closed. So we spent another hour roaming here and there and headed back to hotel by 1730. Today was the night for Teachers'.

The food at Hemkunth was amazing. We watched a movie along with it and slept by 2300 hrs as next day we had to leave early since I didn't want to miss the office.

Day 3 : The drive back. We checked out at 515. In about 15 mins she was again asleep. She sleeps a lot on road journey. For me, I was really excited. Daylight, no traaffic, Getz Crdi, Sleeping GF, time bound to reach back. The target in my mind was to reach back by 1100 hrs. Took the same route via ramgarh. After Derabassi it the fun really began. Did 150 once in a while and followed a BMW 7 till Ambala. From there till Karnal, easily cruised at 140. She was dozing all the way till there. Sleeping and waking...

After waking up and talking for 5 mins, she suddenly screamed "You are driving at 140, I thought it was 100". Such amazing are the NVH levels of Getz. This is when I'm yet to install ICE. Also the PPs give amazing levels of confidence.

Reached Mayur Dhaba at 745 and had breakfast there. Aloo parantha with white butter and lassi, do i need to say more. Left at 815 and target of 1100 seemed doable. Although, traffic increased substantially but we managed to enter Delhi border by 930. After that the traffic was quite heavy and we reached Green Park at 1045. Had a cup of coffee, dropped her and headed for office ( Gurgaon ).

Now the stats.
Distance from Green Park to Kasauli - 300 kms (via the ramgarh route)
Mileage - 14 km/l. Drove atleast a 100 kms in Delhi after coming back before filling.
Driving style - Medium to hard on the accelerator, as light as possible on the brakes, and no hard corners. I try to be as smooth as possible.
Condition of the road - Great except the towns and villages. The quality of NH22 is ok but it has come down considerably. Very congested as you take NH1 from Delhi.
Damages - Missed a pothole and drove over it at 100 kph. There's a minor bent in the rim. The tire seem to be fine. Have to get it checked asap.


Watch out this space for more travelogues...


  1. Perfect blog !!! withfull information of trip including mileage too and VAT 69 :P.. Really nice blog for estimating expenses also. Good work @Naman